Coronavirus / COVID-19 Summary

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Summary

As guidelines from the various UK governments are updated then we update our risk assessments for the delivery of First Aid Training and Manual Handling Training.

Although some restrictions have been relaxed, we still feel it is important to provide a safe environment for all learners and our staff. As such we are still maintaining the following actions:

  • We will ask all learners to wear a face covering (unless exempt etc.) when attending one of our training sessions. Our trainers and staff will do the same. If the room ventilation is well above acceptable, and social distancing can be maintained, then face coverings can be removed when all learners are seated.
  • We will maintain a high a level of ventilation within the training environment. This may mean that windows are open, so learners may want to bring an extra jumper.
  • We will ask all learners and staff to maintain social distancing, ideally at a distance of 2m in all directions. If 2m is not possible, then 1m with face coverings worn will be used.
  • We will still be asking all learners to wash / sanitise their hands on entry to the training room, and at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • We will still be providing 1 manikin to each learners for CPR and resuscitation skills, along with a CPR faceshield.

If we are coming to your premises to deliver training then we are happy for your staff to follow whatever guidelines they would normally follow in their workplace. However we still need to consider the health and safety of our training team, so may still ask for some of the above procedures to be implements.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns or requests. Or if you wish you can view our full Coronavirus / COVID-19 guidance and risk assessment here.