Calling 999 For An Ambulance

Calling 999 For An Ambulance

Ambulance Collision Low Headroom

In the past when teaching First Aid we would spend time teaching how to call for an ambulance.  In fact you were quite often assessed on your ability to follow the script.  For those of you that have been first aiders for a while you may remember LIONEL,  standing for Location, Incident, Other services, Number of casualties, Extent of injuries, Location.

In truth, you don’t have to remember anything, or follow any type of script.  The call handler will ask you the questions they want answered.  Just let them lead the phone call.

However, this tweet by the Daily Mirror reminded us that there are sometimes when you might need to provide some extra information.  In this case, I’m sure the driver of the ambulance would have been very grateful to know about the height restriction!  This might be especially true for your work address where you may have a height restriction barrier on the car park?

And don’t forget, you can also call 112 for the emergency services as well as 999.