Wednesday 29th June 2022

Author: Phil Grigg

Phil Grigg

Resuscitation Guidelines 2015

Resuscitation Guidelines 2015

On the 15th of October The Resuscitation Council (UK) published new resuscitation guidelines. The good news is very little has changed, so you don’t have to worry about learning lot’s of new ratios, numbers and techniques. The 2015 Guidelines do provide a bit more clarification on some techniques. Full details of the new guidelines can[..]

West Midlands Ambulance Service in Cardiac Arrest Trial

West Midlands Ambulance Service Logo on Side of RRV

West Midlands Ambulance Service have confirmed that they are to take part in cardiac arrest trial along with four other ambulance services. The trial is funded by the National Institute for Health Research and being co-ordinated by the University of Warwick. For over 50 years nows adrenaline has been given to patients in out-of-hospital cardiac[..]

Calling 999 For An Ambulance

Ambulance Collision Low Headroom

In the past when teaching First Aid we would spend time teaching how to call for an ambulance.  In fact you were quite often assessed on your ability to follow the script.  For those of you that have been first aiders for a while you may remember LIONEL,  standing for Location, Incident, Other services, Number of[..]

Resources For Oxygen Therapy

Patient With Oxygen Mask

Being able to correctly and safely administer Oxygen can be a useful skill for a first aider.  Proper training, such as our Oxygen Therapy course is essential, but so is having access to resources and reference materials.  Sadly there isn’t that much documentation available written from a UK perspective. During our Oxygen Therapy and Medical[..]

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival

Heart Attack Clutching Chest

To try and make sense of the vast assortment of (and often contradictory) figures regarding the survival rates of cardiac arrest, the British Heart Foundation, NHS England and the Resuscitation Council (UK) have published a Consensus Paper on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in England. The paper estimates that there are approximately 60,000 cases of out of hospital cardiac[..]

New First Aid Requirements Calculator

First Aid Requirement Calculator

Having the correct first aid provision in your workplace is not only a legal requirement, it is incredibly important for the safety of you and your employees. However, here at Radmoor Training, we know that it can be difficult to determine exactly how many first aiders you need and what type of training they require. That’s[..]

Act FAST Relaunched

Stroke - Fire In The Brain

The Act FAST on Stroke campaign  has been re-launched this spring to increase the number of lives saved following the original campaign. First launched in 2009, the Act FAST on Stroke campaign has been instrumental in making the general public aware of the signs & symptoms of stroke (your remember the acronym FAST don’t you!?).[..]

Public Access Defibrillation & Asda


It’s widely known that casualties suffering from a out of hospital cardiac arrest often have a poor chance of survival.  Along with good quality CPR, the other main influencer of survival rate is access to a defibrillator.   Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) attempt provide members of the public with access to defibrillators in area’s where[..]

Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits BS8599-2

First Aid Kit

BS8599-2, the new British Standard for Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits, was launched this February by BSi. Many of you will be aware of the British Standard for Workplace First Aid Kits (BS8599-1), and indeed have been choosing these over the traditional HSE First Aid Kits.  As part of this improvement of First Aid Kit[..]