Wednesday 29th June 2022

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West Midlands Ambulance Service in Cardiac Arrest Trial

West Midlands Ambulance Service Logo on Side of RRV

West Midlands Ambulance Service have confirmed that they are to take part in cardiac arrest trial along with four other ambulance services. The trial is funded by the National Institute for Health Research and being co-ordinated by the University of Warwick. For over 50 years nows adrenaline has been given to patients in out-of-hospital cardiac[..]

Calling 999 For An Ambulance

Ambulance Collision Low Headroom

In the past when teaching First Aid we would spend time teaching how to call for an ambulance.  In fact you were quite often assessed on your ability to follow the script.  For those of you that have been first aiders for a while you may remember LIONEL,  standing for Location, Incident, Other services, Number of[..]