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We understand the importance of receiving training from people who actually understand their topic. All of our in house training team have experience at the level they train at.
To ensure we can offer the same level of training when it comes to Mental Health, we work closely with Mind Management for You. This ensures you get training from people who are experts in their field.

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Mental Health Awareness Training

Designed as a general awareness of Mental Health, the Half Day Mental Health Awareness Training covers topics such as Types of Mental Health Conditions, Factors that effect our Mental Health, Recognising the Signs & Symptoms of Mental Health, How to Help Someone who is Struggling with their Mental Health, and Self Care. It’s ideal training for both Employers, Managers and Employees, as well as anyone who wants to learn about Mental Health.

Two ladies chatting relaxed around a table

Understanding Suicide

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Understanding Self-Harm

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Understanding Anxiety

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Anger Management

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